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    nsq caused trouble with scheduler

    Michael Bäumer


      we use nPrinting ver16.4, installed on QV-Server.

      There are 5 Reports scheduled for nPinting to mail pdf-documents.

      In the last week we had some trouble, because the scheduler stopped working, the nPrinting-service still was started.


      After testing and support we found out, that one of the 5 nsq-files was the reason for the trouble.

      Only way to solve that problem and get the scheduler started again, was to uninstall and re-install the nPrinting-server.


      Now, after one week without starting the one nsq, we have now problems.

      If i start that nsq manual, there is no problem....


      We will build this nsq new, without copying anything from the old one, to test again.

      But, has anyone an idea, why this happened?

      Or anyone with the same issue?