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    Financial Statements in QV


      I am currently busy trying to create income statements, balance sheets, cashflow statements and other financial statements in QV.

      At this stage, I am still reading the data from Excel dumps that have been created by a financial system. These dumps are basically the trial balance for each month. They contain Account Groups, Account Numbers (Account Number = combination of Account and Region codes) and the MTD and YTD debit and credit amounts.

      I am using inline tables and interval matching to create the 'lines' in the statements so that I can specify which accounts should be included in which 'lines', for example 4000 to 4999 constitute Revenue, etc.

      I was wondering if anyone can give me examples or tips on the best way(s), or other ways, to create financial statements (Income, Balance, Cashflow...) in QV. What methods are there to use? What is important to note?

      Also, what do you do if you are trying to set up similar statements, but there aren't any financial systems or any real structures, only internal spreadsheets... How do you go about creating your 'own' structures?

      Any advice and all examples will be welcomed.

      Thanks in advance...[^o)]