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    Best way to format excel data

      Hi there, I am just learning Qlik Sense 3.0 for a Uni course. My tutor has given me numerous Excel (.csv) tables in which I am meant to upload into Qlik Sense in order to complete an assessment.


      I am lost on how to format the data in a way that will allow me to compare aggregate values among different fields. For example, the table "Public Hospital Acute Separations" is a table that shows the area (Metropolitan, Country and State) and each of the areas' total hospital separations by quarters (March 2013, June 2013, Sept 2013, Dec 2013, March 2014, June 2014, Sept 2014 and Dec 2014) (see attached table below). I would like to be able to show each quarter total by area and compare, but finding it hard to figure out how.


      I also would like to show the average length of stay for each area by quarter Can anyone please, please help explain this to a non-tech person how I would go about doing this? I have been looking at tutorials for two days now and fidgeting with the spreadsheets and it's not working out for me. Thanks for that.