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    Bar charts



      I am trying to show a particular value on a bar chart generated using a before function


      %AumDate 2009-10-232009-11-30
      parentco_friendname AUM EURChange AUM% Change AUMAUM EURChange AUM% Change AUM
      Ak Portfolio Management€0€0€0
      Alpha Mutual€90€70-€20-22%


      Essentially I would like to show the Change in AUM in the Y column and just the 30.11.09 . X value reaming the same , so



      %AumDate 2009-11-30
      parentco_friendname Change AUM
      Ak Portfolio Management€0
      Alpha Mutual-€20


      Issues that II have , i need both dates in order to calculate teh Change AUM field , uis there another way to hide 23/10/09

      For bar charts the before and after statements show differnt result compared to the table Any ideas