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    Calculate values (difficult)

    Dennis Odenbreit

      Hi there,


      I have the following problem:


      I have a table containing article-data (sample-data):




      Now what I need to do is to add a field to every row of this table.

      Those fields are calculated by summing up all values of the table which have the same productgroup-id as in the current row and also need to have added_at_date in between the startdate and the startdate + 7.


      Is there an efficient way to solve this problem?


      I tried to create a new table called productgroup, which contains data like the productgroup_id, added_ad_date and dailyvalue (dailyvalue is an accumulation of all values for every productgroup_id and added_ad_date).

      Doing so I am clueless about how to accumulate the data out of this table for every article_id in the article-table, since it would need to be accumulated for every row over a dynamic amount of rows in the productgroup-table.


      I hope you can help me with ideas or techniques to solve this problem