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    Pivot tables in Qlik Sense

      Hi All,

      I have created a pivot table in Qlik sense and attached a picture of the Pivot table that has 2 Dimensions/ Rows (Bank Brand and Bank Type) and 1 column (MonthYear i.e Jun-2016, Jul-2016 and Aug-2016) and 3 measures. 

      I am trying to get a grand total for Bank Brand (Total of Fifth Third, First Financial, UMB..etc) for each measure (column 1, column 2, column 3).  There wasn't any option to do a grand total of all the dimensions in Pivot table.  I am able to do a total of the Bank Type within Bank Brand as you can see in the Column 1, Column 2 etc. but not for all Bank Brands.  In my example for May-2016 I want to get the total of (413+20+6+58+1=498), where Fifth Third is the Bank Type that has several types totaling to 413.  What I read in one of the posts is that it is not possible in native Pivot table but can be done using an extension called JSPivotTable.  I installed and tried but found that it is not possible to have multiple measures in the JSPivotTable.  Does any one has any suggestions on how to get the Grand totals for all more than one dimension for each measure in a Pivot table format?