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    Previous Fiscal Year Expression Issue

      I am using the YTD expressions found in these posts, with slight modification for the fiscal year starting July-1: YTQ, QTD, MTD and WTD,Previous YTQ, QTD, MTD and WTD


      My Fiscal YTD set analysis expression is the following, this works perfectly

      {$<Year=, Month=, Date=, DateNum={">=$(=Num(YearStart(Max(DateNum),0,7)))<=$(=Max(DateNum))"}>}


      My Previous Fiscal YTD expression doesn't work at all - I'm assuming its a syntax error as the set analysis doesn't restrict data at all when its used.

      {$<Year=, Month=, Date=, DateNum={">=$(=Num(YearStart(Max(DateNum),-1,7)))<=$(=AddYears(Max(DateNum),-1))"}>}


      Could anyone take a look at these expressions and tell me what is wrong with the second one?


      Thanks for the help!