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    Help with passing userid in webtickets

      Hi, while trying to access to a document via webticket, i send the link like this in c#:


      "http://server/qvajaxzfc/authenticate.aspx?type=html&try=http://server/qvajaxzfc/opendoc.htm?document=" + document + "&host=QVS%40extranetqv&Userid=" + usuario + "&webticket=" + ticket;


      it works fine!

      but, it returns this link: http://server/qvajaxzfc/opendoc.htm?document=mydocument.qvw

      And i need to pass the userid, so it shows me the sectionaccess authentication.

      if i add to the link: "&Userid=myuser" it works fine and i can access my document with the user i want.

      I need this to be automatically, but i dont know why its not passing the userid after going to authentificate.aspx. can someone help?