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    Calculating min value in the script


      Hello all,

      Have no clue what so ever how to solve the following problem:

      I have fileds like: Product Family, Product Name, Scenario, Supplier, Purchase Price, Total quantity

      Billy, Billy shelf 100*200, 1, Flat, 2, 1000

      Billy, Billy shelf 100*200, 1, AGC, 3, 1000

      Billy, Billy shelf 100*200, 1, SG, 3.5, 1000

      Billy, Billy shelf 100*200, 1, TMG, 1.8, 1000

      Detolf, Detolf Table top, 1, Flat, 4, 2500


      1. I want to create the minimum bid offer per product and scenario in the script and then create a new field named something like minBid.

      2.Then I want to use this to divid each suppliers offer with the minBid to get an Index of their offers.

      note: I tried to do that in the chart inside qlikview but that is only valid as long as you haven't selected any suppliers. I did solve the problem by exporting the result to excel and then import it again but I would like to learn how to do it in the script.

      Please someone, educate me!