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    Read excel cell colour & column name into Qlik Sense

      I've recently been given a problem to try and solve using Qlik Sense and I'm struggling to get the "meta" data I need from excel.


      The excel sheet is auto generated so I don't have the ability to change it but one of the columns is basically just for colours so if the colour is green its true and false if red.

      In the excel sheet its just a colour but when reading the sheet into qlik I'd like to be able to say something like

      If (cellColour = Green)

           return true


      Or something similar to that. So in qlik I will see true and false instead of just blank cells.


      Also there are multiple columns in this sheet that have the same typed header first row but the column names in excel are different. Is there anyway to get a hold of these column names? These aren't the first row they are actually a name assigned to the column in excel.


      I appreciate any help with this.