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    Cannot get task by app name with QRS API



      I am trying to get a list of tasks that are related to a task. Normally I would use a GET request to the QRS API with a filter, so the query is like "https://<server name>/qrs/task/full?xrfkey=0123456789abcdef&filter=app.name eq 'MyWorkApp1'"


      But for some reason, this query does not work, giving the error:

      "Cannot convert the constant value: app.name"


      On the other hand, if I use similar query to get apps based on owner name is returning valid results, the query is:

      https://<server name>/qrs/app/full?xrfkey=asdfghjklzxcvbnm&filter=owner.name eq 'myemail@domain'


      Why one is returning results while the other gives errors?


      Thanks a lot!



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          I have solved the problem myself, two points to notice:

          - I need to use reloadtask as the endpoint not task

          - If I need to filter based on app.id, there should not be quotes around the GUID


          The query that works for me now is:

          https://<server name>/qrs/reloadtask/full?xrfkey=0123456789abcdef&filter=app.id eq <GUID>


          Hope this will help anyone who has the same problem.


          By any chance, does anyone know why using task as endpoint won't work?



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            Praveena Mundolimoole

            mengyi.yuan Qlik has 2 types of tasks

            1. User synchronization
            2. Reload task.

            Since you want to fetch reload task you should use /qrs/reloadtask/full endpoint in particular. Task may or may not have app association. Hence the filter is not allowed by app name/id.


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