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    issue in binary load in qlik server

      Hello Everyone,

      I have an issue in re-loading an app on qlik server using Binary load. The qlik server does not support binary load.


      Please help.


      Is there any other command, or, app export command etc. for app reload.


      App renaming option to qvf will not work since I have to schedule/create job for auto app reload on a particular interval.


      Thank You,

      Rahul Krishan Goyal

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          Jayaseelan K



            Look this:



          The binary statement is used for loading the data from another Qlik Sense app or QlikView 11.2 or earlier document, including section access data.


          binary file

          file ::= [ path ] filename


          fileThe name of the file, including the file extension .qvw or .qvf.

          The path to the file, either:

          • absoluteExample: c:\data\
          • relative to the app containing this script line.Example: data\
          • a folder data connection.Example: 'lib://Table Files/'
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            Hi Rahul,


            what you need to do for Binary statement on Qlik Sense Server


            Lets say You have App A and you need to call this App to new App by binary , so create a new App B and open B , go to Script Editor and make this the first statement :

            make a path to the default app location as Path =C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Apps\.


            when you will open that folder you will find your concern app with code with lots of random character , Copy your app path add make a below statement like :


            -4f9c-b040-b1840a845348 =App A


            Binary [lib://Path /-4f9c-b040-b1840a845348];


            Make sure this is the first statement:

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