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    Set Measure to a specific Field.

    Salamon Musayev



      I have chart that measures compliance rate per month.

      The following are my dimension and measures.


      Dimension:  Month

      Dimension:  Compliant


      Measure (expression):  Count( {<Compliant = {'Yes'} >} Month )/Count(Total <Month> Compliant)


      This gives me a beautiful chart that measure compliance rate by month, and if I click a specific department it will present the compliance rate for that location as well.


      However I would like to also create another monthly chart but only set to a specific location (for example location 'B2A').


      ( I have been able to create a gauge meter set to a specific location based on help from a Qlik community members by using the following:


      Count({<Compliant={'Yes'},Location={'B2A'}>} Compliant) /Count({<Location={'B2A'}>} Compliant)


      I would like to reproduce the same logic as for gauge meter but see the compliance change between months.


      Please help or advice.


      Thank you