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    How to get a list of QVD's used in a QVW

    Jeremy Kofoot

      Is there a way to script the ability for a qvw to read another qvw to see what QVD's it is using?  I can use the QVD metadata CreatorDoc to determine what QVW file created a QVD, but I want to know what QVW's then use those QVD's and I haven't been able to think of a good way of doing this.

      So our base setup is that we have 3 layers, T1, T2 and T3.  T1 is the extract layer and generates QVD files.  These QVD's are then fed into our T2's which is our transform layer.  The T2 does it thing and then creates a new QVD which is used in T3.  T3 is our application.  So I can see that T1.QVW creates T1_data1.qvd, T1_data2.qvd, etc... and I can see that T2 creates T2_transform.qvd etc.. but how do I go about saying T2.qvw uses these specific T1 qvd's such as T1_data1.qvd, T1_data2.qvd.  Just wondering if anyone has a solution or an idea about this.