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    Use of Variables in Set Analysis

    Jamie Lim


      I defined a variable as vRA=max([RA.Extract]).

      Then, I have an expression Sum({$<[RA.Extract]={"$(=max([RA.Extract]))"}>}OutOfOrder)


      max([RA.Extract]) evaluated to '05/08/2016' in KPI, format: auto.

      Sum({$<[RA.Extract]={"$(=max([RA.Extract]))"}>}OutOfOrder) evaluated to give 7, format: auto

      Sum({$<[RA.Extract]={"05/08/2016"}>}OutOfOrder) evaluated to give 7, format: auto

      However, when I replace max([RA.Extract]) with vRA in the expression,

      Sum({$<[RA.Extract]={"$(=vRA)"}>}OutOfOrder) evaluated to give 0, format: auto

      Any idea why this is the case?