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    Recover User Sheets

    Jordi Gonzalez

      Hi all,


      Few days ago we had a problem with an app in our hub and finally we made a backup using the "export" option and then we deleted it from our qmc and imported a previous version of the app. Now the app works fine.


      In the app that we've removed some users created their own sheets and now, with the new one, they do not see them. We tried to search inside the App Object Menu but they are not there either.


      Is there any option to recover the sheets form the backup file or from any backup? If not, what we have to do in the future to avoid this situation?


      Our version is


      Thank's in advance.

        • Re: Recover User Sheets
          Bella Mae

          If you want community stories and sheets to remain you need to publish the new app by replacing the old one. When you delete and re-publish the app id changes and the community sheets are wiped. We ran into that issue too, we haven't found a way to restore them, but I would be interested to know if anyone has.