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    Unable to connect to QlikView Server installed on Amazon Web Service

      Hi All,


      We recently installed Qlik View Server on Amazon EC2 instance (Windows Server-2012-R2). After providing the license, all the services were up and running. Now when we are trying to connect to this server from a Qlik desktop client (from a different machine) we are unable to connect to it. I think the problem is with the machine URL we are giving, we are providing qvp://Administrator@ec2-5X-XX-XXX-XXX.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com, where Administrator is the user id by which we logon to the windows server.

      while installing Qlik we renamed the machine name as QVSRV. What should be the correct URL to connect to server installed on cloud? In Addition we already have checked the option to lease a license from QMC.