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    get field names as dimension by it's values

    Mark Graham

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to create a new field which will have field names with respect to the values in it.


      Here is my data set:

      ID, Value1,  Value2,  Value3,  Value4,  Value5

      A,     10,        20,      30,       40,          50

      B,      1,         2,    33,      44,            55

      C,      0,        1,  2,    300,        400


      I want to create a new field - 'Test'


      if any field has its value greater than 10, then i want to display the filed names.


      o/p field:

      ID, Test

      A,  Value2, Value3, Value4, Value5

      B   Value3, Value4, Value5

      C    Value4, Value5


      Any help is highly appreciated.