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    Automatic Deploys: How To?

      Hi everybody,


      We are trying to integrate our Qlik Sense Server installation with our existing platform here at my company.

      That means that we want to automatically deploy and configure the platform, set the licenses/user tokens and deploying the Apps without accessing the GUI and the QMC.


      Is there a way to integrate a Qlik installation through a Jenkins? We are experienced just with Linux/Unix environments and so deploying a fully functionally Qlik Sense Server instance (or two) is tricky for us...


      Has somebody done it? Is it possible to fix the users and the licenses without accessing a GUI?


      Thanks for your answers in advance.
      All links/tips are more than welcome.




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          Hi Michail,


          Firstly, No matter Jenkins written in java ,Yes it can be install on Linux/Unix but Qlik has .exe extension and it needs .Net frame work. So I don't think it will work on Linux/Unix via integration tool like Jenkins .What you can do here , Install Qlik Sense server on any Windows server and provide your developer its access and your developer can access the Qlik Sense server via HTML5 Browser in Linux/Unix GUI mode with HTML5 Browser.


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