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    Newbie Issue : ScriptError General ODBC Error

      Hi ,

      I recently downloaded Qlikview in order to evaluate the product for my compagny

      i'm currently trying to play with it.

      I had built up a ODBC data source on my PC in order to acces to an MS Sql Server 2008 database

      I wrote a script on QV in order to download 2 tables in by database


      but i have a big issue, it does not work [:(]

      ater analysis i discovered that QV is not able ti handle "integer type" colunms

      in my database


      Here is my script :

      ODBC CONNECT TO cngrweb2 (UserId is xxxx, Password is "zzzzz");

      SQL SELECT idSubnets as id,
      "No_Site" as NoSite,
      "vc_ipReseau" as Ip,
      "i_NetworkPrefixLength" as Prefix,
      "vc_modeAcces" as Mode
      FROM ramage.dbo.subnets;

      trace ScriptError:$(ScriptError);

      LOAD "no_qos",
      SQL SELECT *
      FROM ramage.dbo.qos;


      on table ramage.dbo.subnets

      idSubnets, No_Site and i_NetworkPrefixLength are integer values

      without theses columns the script works fine


      any idea ?