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    Create filter with multi fields

    David Sabban


      I want to create a report that select number of names from specific fields.

      Usually when I create this kind of filter I select it manually but this time I need to select a large number and to do it manually will take a long time.

      Is it a way to do it not manually.


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          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi David,


          What is common among the names you want to select? For example, do they all belong to the same department? If you define the logic behind making that particular selection of names you should be able to create a corresponding filter.


          HTH - Daniel.

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            Zhihong He

            HI, David,


            For this kind of requirement, normally, there are 2 ways, but all need some effort with figuring out the logic behind:

            1. As Daniel mentioned, you can create an "expression filter" in nprinting to get all the names you want.

            2. You can create a new column using the logic in the .qvw file to group the names.

            For me, I prefer to use the second way, as it is much easier to process this in Qlikview, and also because the "expression filter" in Nprinting can be tricky.