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    Visibility_condition for a straight_table - why doesn't it work?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      in the script I'm currently working on, there are several possible outcomes and the last piece of the code may or may not run correctly; So I check that at a certain point in the script and if the constellation of facts is such that the last piece of code cannot run, I just have an EXIT within an IF_THEN clause.

      => On the GUI, I need several straight_table_charts because one can be displayed only if the script has finished completely, including this last piece of the code (because the table which the chart draws on is generated there).

      => In case that this check I have activates the EXIT SCRIPT command, I have a variable that takes on a specific value to denote the status of the script - the same variable is present again after that last piece of code, only then it takes on a different value of course.


      => I would like to make the visibility of the chart dependent on the value of this variable, in which case - if the last piece of the code has not run, the variable has the value 1 - it should not be visible.

      <=> That is the issue - I have entered the corresp. visibility_condition on the >>Layout<< tab of the chart_dialog, but still, in this case the caption and the field_headers remain visible.

      Can anyone help me out there?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,