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    problem with expression depending of the value of the dimension

      Hi all & merry X'mas

      I have a syntax problem in my attached application.

      I have a file with 6 stores (A, B, C, ..., F) where I know the opening & closing hours for a period (summer, winter for example).

      The problem is with the chart table called PROBLEM

      I tried to build a Straight table with one dimension ( Dimwhen2 = 1 to 24 this is the hours)

      where my expression is the count of stores open at each hours :

      = sum ( aggr( Max( if( When2 >= Open_Hour and When2 < Close_Hour ,1 , 0) ) , IdStore) )

      In my example, at 8 , i have 3 stores open, at 9 i have 4 stores ...

      The field When2 is equal to Dimwhen2.

      The calculation is good but only one value of the dimension appears in the table chart. I don't understand why.

      Maybe someone have an idea.

      Best wishes