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    Three tables associated together?

      I don't quite understand how to interpret this and I didn't have any luck tracking it down in the documentation.


      I think what happened was a many to many table, but I'm not sure.


      I have




      all three have CustomerID and all three tables seem to join together on a single dot in the middle.


      I sort of expected them to join THROUGH the Customers table so... I am not sure how to properly interpret this visualization of the data model?



        • Re: Three tables associated together?

          Hi Josh,


          Lets assume CustomerID has alias CustomerID in all table if not , You just need to like CID as CustomerID,CustID as CustomerID and load the data , How Qlik works, It joins tables on the basis of common name between tables. please make sure only 1 field as CustomerID is common among all the three tables.if not ,Change the name of other common field fields except CustomerID .


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