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    Help with displaying specific information in a chart.

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi, i am trying to display information in a chart without having to make any selections.

      I have several REGIONAL MANAGERS who each have 10+ stores. I have loaded in a crosstable which has ordering information by DEPARTMENT level and then TOTAL STORE for each of the stores.

      I want to create a Gauge chart for each REGIONAL MANAGER which they can click on to see the TOTAL STORE result without making any selections. (There will be a seperate chart displaying stats for any manual selections made).

      I am ok with creating all of the charts, i just dont know how to make the chart only display information for a regional manager rather than everything.

      Can anyone please help??

        • Help with displaying specific information in a chart.


          You can achieve this using set analysis. There is good description about use of set analysis in Qlikview help.



          • Help with displaying specific information in a chart.
            John Trigg

            Set analysis is one way of solving this, but given your requirement to display the information for the manager without them having to make a selection, I'd recommend taking a look at SECTION ACCESS. This will allow you to tie each manager to the departments that they have visibility into and what totals they therefore can see. When a manager opens the document, they will be prompted for a credential and that will limit the data that they see within the document (by department).

            The script section of the QV Reference manual has a good description of how to setup section access in your document. Consider who needs to see what and if anyone needs the super view as you design this.

            Good luck