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    Chris Hopkins

      Hi all, i have got a GAUGE chart which i am using to display cash shortages from shops. at the moment the scale of the GAUGE is displayed as -£100 to +£100. Is there a way of the scale automatically changing to display a higher or lower scale depending on the actual cash shortage?

      E.g. If the shortage is £250, then the GAUGE doesn't display anything as the shortage is out of the scale range (-£100).

      In the above example i would like the scale to change to something like -£400 to £0.


      Can this be done?


        • Help with charts
          John Trigg

          You'll need to define expressions that set the min/max values on the Gauge - see the presentation tab. An example of this can be found in the 'Online Sales' qvw that is installed (complete install) with the product. Check the Dashboard tab of this screen and then note the behavior of the 3 gauge. There you will see that as you select values in the list bxoes that the min/max change. The expressions o nthe presentation tab for min/max hopefully give you some insight in how to set this up in your application.