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    REST connector creates empty log files - possible to disable them?

    Göran Sander

      We are heavy users of the REST connector, making approx 10k or more calls through it during an average day.

      The connector itself works great - the fact that it's built into the default installation of Sense 3 is really nice.


      The connector however logs each call. Or at least tries to...

      Each call results in a log file being written, but it's empty.

      Thousands of files per day times many days means... tens or hundreds of thousands of log files... All zero byte in size, which make them even more useless. It is of course possible to schedule a daily cleanup job using the Windows scheduler, but better would be to just disable the creation of those log files, and only create log files when there are warnings or errors.


      Just to prove the point, here is a screenshot of the log directory on a Sense 3.0.1 server:

      REST connector logs.png