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    Sorting Trailing 12 Months

    Crystle Stamper

      I am attempting to sort a table for Trailing 12 months but I am having issues getting it to show the correct order.


      Our fiscal year begins in October and ends in September, so we are at the end of our Fiscal Year. The problem is, it wants to show September last on the chart and it makes it look like this is the count of the current Sept, but really it is Sept 2015, last year.


      I would have liked to have it show the Years below the Months to show where the current year and last fiscal year begins and ends.


      I had accomplished a similar set up in another table and it looked like this.

      But the problem is, this was just comparing one measurement across the current fiscal year and last year, or the last year and the one before that (2 years ago)


      So my chart currently looks like this


      But there is no way to let the user know just by looking at it that the September in the chart is the September from last year, making it look like those are our current numbers for this September, which are very off since we are only 9 days into the month, and that is showing the ENTIRE month from last year.


      So basically its a formatting or sorting issue and I cant figure out a "pretty" way to  make it work. Adding the year (15 or 16) to the end of each month just makes the entire chart look cluttered and is difficult to read.


      If anyone has had this issue or has an idea of how to solve it, I would appreciate any tips to tricks.


      Thank you!