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    User access rule

    Yoca Yoca

      Hi, we have configured a User Access Rule in order to allocate a license if the user is part form a Group and it is working right (using user.Group property).


      However, now we have to update the rule in order to allocate a license if the user is active in LDAP (user.Inactive = false)

      We put ((user.inactive="false")) a user access rule but it is not allocating the token to the users.


      Could you please help us with the correct sintaxis to allocate licenses to active users?


      Thanks in advance.

        • Re: User access rule

          Hello Yoca Yoca,


          Why would you need to allocate a license to an inactive user? I think by definition this user would not have access to the QMC.


          What we have done is allocate named token to the group for developers from AD for our developers and certain other groups of the users that use the dashboards most often and our login passes are allocated to (user.name like *) to allow everyone else to lease one login pass.