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    QRS API using Connecting with Postman / Qlik Sense 3.0

    Youness Ghanim

      Hell Everyone


      I tried Qlik help page Qlik_Sense_Repository_Service_API to query the QRS API but to no avail. I use the certificate as a trusted method of authentication as well as the X-Qlik-User header


      I flowed this tutorial to setup my Virtual proxy https://github.com/stefanwalther/articles/blob/master/header-authentication-configuration/readme.md


      Also followed Qlik online help to set up the proxy, I am using Postman


      My URL in postman: https://localhost:4242/hdr/qrs/app?Xrfkey=12345678qwertyui


      Also tried https://qlikserver1:4242/hdr/qrs/app?Xrfkey=12345678qwertyui


      Where qlikserver1 is the host machine name, also tried changing the order of hdr and qrs


      I added the X-Qlik-xrfkey then tried with and without X-Qlik-User in the header, after many tested and combinations, each time I either get resource not found or user not permitted to make such API call or end point not found...


      Can someone share his/her experience if they managed to make such QRS API. It will be nice to share the Virtual proxy settings and a simple call using Postman.


      Many thanks