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    clarification on sale value of last year same month formula

    Raja Indian Prakaash

      Anyone clarify on this issue



      while choosing current month (August - 2016), i need to get sale value of last year same month (August - 2015) in qlik sense.



      i have columns and format like below



      Sales_Invoice_Date  - datetime  - 2016-08-12 00:00:00.000

      Month_id    - int - 201608

      MonthYear    - nvarchar(100) - (August - 2016)



      it is KPI and have used formula like below in load editor, while searching for MonthYear in associate search

      im not getting any value. please help




      ( {<Year=,

      Month =,

      Month_id = {"$(=(date#(date(MonthName(AddMonths((max(Sales_Invoice_Date)), -12)),'YYYYMM'))))"}

      >} Revenue)