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    refreshing loaded data



      In Qlik Sense cloud, I have rapidly managed to load data. But if I want to modify the data loaded from the original excel file. I modified the excel file and pressed "load data", the data won't refresh and I keep haviong the 1st file I loaded like if it were stored in memory in the Qlik environment.


      Couldl someone explain me what is going on ?



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          Vladimir Komarov

          Check if your data connector is pointing to the right Excel file.



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            Michael Tarallo

            Hello Patrick,


            This MAY be related to an issue that another one of our members have experienced.


            Can you check this thread out an let us know?


            Re: Data Load does not re-apply relational joins in existing applications in Qlik Sense Cloud






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            Mike Tarallo


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                Hello Mike,


                I read the thread you sent and tried the following :

                - 1st of all I stated that the file I want to use is attached, 





                So I went to, "my personal data files" (I am not sure how it translates in Qlik, but here is an image copy)




                i went back to lhe script editor to load the files and picked pricing.xls






                the result in the script is





                Notice that :

                - I had : from [lib://attachedFiles/pricing.xls]
                - I now have : from [lib://qlikid_patvignal/pricing.xls


                I then clicked on "load the data"




                The data loads correctly the first time.





                then the second time, I modify the original excel file by adding a line.





                Now I expected to find this extra line in my report in Qlik, so I went back to loading the data





                But the new line does not load




                I have still the same result in my report my line number "79 / test product " is not there !!!



                Regards, PatrickloadingFiles10.gif

                Regards, Patrick