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    Drill down dimension not working when excluding dimensions.



      I have a set analysis there I use total and specify that dates should not be included .(see below)

      This works well and the calculation is correct.


      count(total<[started_datetime.autoCalendar.Year],[started_datetime.autoCalendar.Weekname],[started_datetime.autoCalendar.Weekday],[started_datetime.autoCalendar.Hour],[started_datetime.autoCalendar.Date]> distinct {$<error_code=,retest_counter={"<1"}>} unit_id))



      But this does not work with drill down dimensions. I have a drill down dimension that include:


      Using this dimension in the chart with the above set analysis does not work. It will calculate the total and disregard the dimensions in the brackets after total.


      The current workaround is to have alternate dimensions for the different time intervals this works but is not optimal.

      Is there a solution for this.