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    Qlik and Apache Kylin

      Good Morning


      I made a small study of Qlik on Apache cubes Apache Kylin

      Integration isn't full, I used "load script" then I couldn't not use all the functionality of Qlik

      (Pre-view data & define associations)


      If you have any experience or improving integration with Kylin, please contact me


      BR, Alb

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          Hi Alberto,


          I have read about Apache Kylin, I am just little confuse Apache Kylin is similar to Cloudera or Apache Kylin is similar to Qlik , Can you please help me to understand what Kylin does , If it is similar to Cloudera so Qlik have connectors like HIVE where you can establish a connection between them and create visuals into Qlik. Please try to make a connection with Apache HIVE drivers and then use the same connection with Qlik.


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            Kylin have ther own ODBC driver

            But the import didn't work
            (You can find a detailed info here: small study)


            In this video, with standard data load, .... fail: never finished


            In this video: with "load script" work fine, BUT:

            Preview data and define your own relations, don't work


            BR, Alberto 

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                Hi Albreto,


                Thanks for your great response .

                First of all I want to say , I really want to know how Kylin get connected to Qlik so I am taking your concern on priority.


                I went through your Videos(I believe its your own made video) and Getithub link. lets talk about each one.


                Getithub page has a way to connect Kylin to tableau by creating ODBC connection. Now,Your video are showing that you are using the same host name ( ) which is mentioned in the Getithub page , Confusing ?


                Do you have access to Kylin Database with full permissions,If yes ,Are you using the same Host ID where you have access(I am sure you are not using this host id while connecting because its a sample host id).


                Why you didn't click on connect rather Done while create the connection with KYLIN database ?


                Have your tried create a new OLEDB connection with the help of KYLIN OLEDB driver(I am not sure they are available, but it should be there) , I am saying this because in Qlik 3.0 ODBC connection has some bad reviews.


                If Tableau can use I am sure Qlik to because I know how Tableau works, I was a Tableau developer .


                Try to access the RDBMS of KYLIN not the cube ,because cube has aggregated data mostly.


                Please go through my each step and let me know what you are missing or if you are doing all same I will lo further on it.



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                Rohit Kumar

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                    The IP, its a docker container With Kylin

                    there is only ODBC, or REST API, not OLEDB

                    With Tableau Woks fine (some warning when get metadata), but one time you have it, get data works fine and fast


                    is there any way of work with "load scripts" and define your own relations? Solve this issue can be enought for now

                    I will try with a ODBC Driver demo (I saw an example with cassandra)

                    Kylin its a nice and powerful soft, ... can be very interested for all community make connection possible as secure