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    Margin %

    Madeleine Josefsson


      I would like to create a measure in my table that calculates the margin %.

      (Revenue-Costs) / Revenue


      My revenue is: sum({$<Account={3040,3042}>}ClaimCost)

      My costs are: 825 + sum({$<Account={4645,4643,4644,4646,4647,4648,4649}>}ClaimCost)


      But when I enter the following expression it does not work:




      Can I write it differentely?

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          Robert Mika

          Try this:




          Qlik is very picky in term of using brackets


          I would use variables for your hard coded entry:




          It will save lots of headache in the future.

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            Sunny Talwar

            May be this:








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              Madeleine Josefsson

              How can I create a variable for my hard coded entry 825?

              Can I enter it to the script?


              The conditions are that if I have a value in my field 'FlagAvtal' then it should genereate 825, if I have two assignments with values in 'FlagAvtal' I should get 2 x 825 = 1650.