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    LOADing qvd_files for different plants - different field_names - ?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I am looking for an idea how best to do this:

      - I have built a report that shall be usable in either of two plants with two separate databases:

        => The user types the name of the one or the other plant and a variable is consequently filled (inside a SWITCH...CASE... statement) with one of two file_path_variables which again lead to the file_path of the qvd_file for the corresp. database.

      So far, that's working fine.

      <=> In one plant, the primary data_loading script is slightly different: The table in question is there called >>Receiving_Header<< whereas in the other load_script, it is called >>Rcv_Hdr<< - and the fields are all qualified, so I cannot use the same LOAD for both databases.

      Now, a possible solution would be to use another SWITCH...CASE statement and write two different LOADs depending on the plant that the report is being run for.

      My question is: Is there an easier solution that wouldn't require me to write two separate LOAD statements?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,