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    Bar Chart in qlik sense

    Anil danda

      Hello Qlik Developers

      I have a bar chart in which i am displaying Day,week,month and quarter data. I have created alternative dimensions in which i have day,week,month and quarter and a dimension called product group and expression as count(kits). But in the dimensions under the product group i am seeing all the alternative dimensions i want to display only product group and next is the 4 selections. Can someone help me please?





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          ! !Hi Anil,


          There are many ways for this:

          1. Use drill and take Product Group on the top and follow your hierarchy for the other fields.

          2. Alternative: Put Product Group n the top into alternative hierarchy.

          3. I am attaching an extension which has name Variable with a sample variable extension app. Please try to replicate the sample app with your fields you will get your solution.

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