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    Confusion about License!

      Hi All,

      I want to know which of these products in the red box need the license? Also let me know which of these products have test license so that we can test the same.I have completed created the document and now i want to deploy it. I don't have the server license. Some says server license is required to test it and some says evaluation license is available to test the same. Also i want to integrate the qlikview document in to VB application for that some says OCX license is required and some says evaluation. So i am very much confused. Hope some one can help me out. I want to know which of these products need the license and which product got the test license.

      I am having this doubt from long time hope some one can clear my doubt.

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        • Confusion about License!
          Pablo Robles

          Dear dsjain,

          All products in wiich you doubt requieres licencing.

          - QlikView Desktop requieres licenses, except Personal Edition

          - QlikView Server requieres licenses in Small Business mode or Enterprise mode. The server clients (IE Plugin, Java Client, AJAX Client, Mobiles ...) requires his own licenses, but are associated to a server. Exist several modes to licensing then client products, nominal, by document, concurrent ... Every project determines the correct license.

          - Publisher, Workbenck, PDF Writer requieres his own license also.

          - The OCX product requieres the final client license in order to use your applications.

          I recommended you to view the product price list or answer to your local QlikView reseller.

          Good luck!


          • Confusion about License!

            Pablo is correct for the most part.

            Evaluation licenses are available to prospective customers or partners who are evaluating QlikView deployment/distribution options. If you are ready to evaluate QlikView Server or other QlikView products within your organization (or in that of your customers), please contact your account representative or partner manager to set up an evaluation.

              • Confusion about License!

                Hi Jason!
                I will tell you my needs. Let me know which license are required to be purchased.

                1. I have developed a document for an web based application which is .net. I want this developed document to be integrated into this .net application. In this application data can uploaded any time by the users. So as soon as new updates are inserted in to the database reloading should happen in qlikview/server automatically.

                2. We have several windows based application which has been developed using Power Builder(Version:6.5,9.00 and 11.00). I want QlikView document to be opened inside the windows application. As per Mr. Rajesh Paul(Qlikview,Bangalore(India)) we should have the OCX license to integrate the qlikview document into the windows application.

                Please let me know which and all license are required for above two requirement of mine. Requesting to you write it seperately for both the requirement. As deployment for windows application may take some time.

                Requesting you to let me know the best possible license.