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    Graphs Not visible


      Hello all,

      I installed QlikView on my laptop with XP 32bit.

      After installing when i open the Tutorial i am unable to see the graphs provided by the tool. It just shows the blank space in place of the graphs..

      Is this any problem with operating system??

      Help needed urgently

      Thanks In Adv

        • Graphs Not visible

          I don't know what the Tutorial is, but perhaps it needs a Reload?

          What qvw-file is the tutorial?

          • Graphs Not visible

            You can check whether the problem is because of Operating System or QV, by opening the Sample applications in the Getting started page. Or you can check this by opening the new document and make a test application with only one chart very less data.

            • Graphs Not visible

              Hi TCPLTRAIN

              which version you have installed met be 9, as i have also installed 9 version and facing same problem but it's ok, only in that .qvw file graph is not getting displayed, might be some problem with that .qvw file, but sometime it get diplayed if any other Application is not running in your PC

              If you will Prepare your own .qvw file you will not face any problem