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    QlikView and Sage Visual Analyzer

      Our company has purchased the Sage Visual Analyzer product for our CRM SalesLogix. VA 2.6 is installed with QlikView Server 8.5. As part of our IT group I have 2 active directory accounts. One is an admin account which is a local admin on our servers, and the other is a standard non-admin account. When I log into the VA Admin Workstation which has SalesLogix and VA setup on it as my admin AD account and try to launch VA I received an error message that states the following:

      "Connnected to server OK, negotiations timed out"

      "Switching to HTTP tunneling"

      "Connected to server OK, negotiations timed out"

      The odd part is if I add my non-admin AD account to the local admin group on this workstation and RDP in and launch VA through SalesLogix, I don't receive the error and VA comes up fine. My admin AD account is a member of a lot of AD groups so I thought maybe the MaxTokenSize was a problem so I set that value in the registry to the max 65535 on the workstation, restarted the workstation, and tried it again but had no luck. I'm kind of at a loss here, been trying to figure this out for about a week now. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks.

        • QlikView and Sage Visual Analyzer

          I seemed to have figured this out. Apparently on the Setup Visual Analyzer screen, when logged into SalesLogix Visual Analyzer, you need to add an @ to both URLs that reference the QlikView server. For some reason it appears that forces Anonymous Access.

          File to Load on Startup: qvp://@<servername>:4747/Visual Analyzer.qvw

          Server Location: qvp://@<servername>

          After I changed those 2 settings and closed and re-open Visual Analyzer in SalesLogix, the error no longer appeared and I was able to bring up the dashboards.