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    Printer is not working on NPrinting ondemand task button in application

    Padmavathi K

      Hi Everyone,



      We  are implementing the print task using NPrinting OnDemand task extension in QlikView.


      NPrinting version is 16.2


      For print, using BullZip printer(installed free edition, do need to have ghost script as well?)


      When click on print task extension object, the report is generated under the temp folder and can see printer.ps file


      But once the report  processing is completed under Queue button and click on it to print, getting the following error in port.log file under the temp sub folder and printer.ps file is disappeared


      Exit RunProcessAsUser: Create process error

      [RunGUI] Launch of error handler failed:

      [MakePDF] Remove PS file: C:\Users\QVAdmin\AppData\Local\Temp\Bullzip\PDF Printer\TEMP_32b88e98-bd04-4efe-9d89-3f71cccf1584\printer.ps

      [MakePDF] Cleanup

      [MakePDF] Status: Error



      Please any suggestions on this



      Thank you in advance:)