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    Sum function within an if condition

    Apoorva Dhulehole

      Hi all,


      I have a field called "Account_Number" and two other fields say "A" and "B". Now the requirement is, I need to calculate amount for the Account numbers. Condition for this is, when the Account_Number= 4300910 , 4300920, 9000405 then, it should check if first four digits of A and B are not equal, if so then only calculate the amount for these account numbers. Whenever first four digits of A and B are equal, we have to ignore that amount. For rest of the Account_Numbers, amount should be calculated without applying the condition for A and


      4101100 (other Account_Number)5005001000


      I tried the below expression, but not able to get it work.


      =if(match(Accounts_Number,'4300910' ,'4300920','9000405'),if(left(A,4)<>left(B,4),sum(Amount)),sum(Amount))


      Note: "Amount" is again an expression provided at the script side (an "if" condition)


      Any help on this?


      Thank you.