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    Excel report in Nprinting



      I am trying to create a report in excel with a few if formula's refering to another sheet.


      So this is the issue:


      Sheet 1: I have a few formulas refering to sheet 2


      Sheet 2: is a table i'm importing from qlikview. It has a 4 columns and some rows.


      I want sheet 1 to show some data only if there is "something" in a cell on sheet 2.


      However the problem im facing is that whenever im running the report the table is being "insterted" what makes the formula in sheet 1 jump all the rows thats being insterted. So my formula was refering to cell A3 but because the table was "inserted" now its refering to cell A685. I tried dollar signs but it still went from $A$3 to $A$685.


      Any idea's how i can fix this?


      Thanks in advance.