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    "ExportApp" Qlik Engine API giving Error

      I am trying to export an app using the ExportApp Qlik engine API. Below are the details:


      1. I am trying to simulate the export by firing the ExportApp method from engine-api-explorer

      2. The JSON request that I am sending is as follows:


        "handle": -1,

        "method": "ExportApp",

        "params": {

        "qTargetPath": "fc657f9a-40d5-47b6-b342-defbe1806d0e",

        "qSrcAppId": "c55d9b6c-5eb4-441b-a8ec-b1fdc552dc49",

        "qIds": [




        "id": 5,

        "jsonrpc": "2.0"


      Here I have mentioned the App ids of 2 Apps which are already present in the Hub. As I want all the objects to get exported, I have kept the qIds blank.

      3. The response that I get is as follows:


        "jsonrpc": "2.0",

        "id": 5,

        "error": {

        "code": 403,

        "parameter": "REST HTTP error",

        "message": "Forbidden"


        "isHandled": true


      Here I am getting an REST HTTP error. Any idea what could be causing this issue?

      I checked the log file and the log file has the following log entry:


      482.2.3.020160913T064157.533-0600ERRORwcoslbi180e5f856-793d-46e7-8e28-1538562f09bc20160913T064157.533-06002.2.3.0Command=Export app;Result=403;ResultText=Error: Forbidden9acd8789-51ce-4ee4-85fe-ec4447e0f74c0c0c1b83-f160-4732-a82a-262563eb3b43119890ac62-9c7c-421f-80a5-18513d935f46Not availableEngineGlobal::ExportAppExport app403REST HTTP error80e5f856-793d-46e7-8e28-1538562f09bc