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    geo mapping

    Robert Winkel

      I have a geo map but displays all the states  I only need Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.


      Can you limit the area of this?

      I tried this.


      LOAD [US States.Name] as State,

      [US States.Point],

      [US States.Area]

      FROM [lib://AttachedFiles/US States.kml]

      (kml, Table is [US-States.shp/Features])

      Where [US States.Name] = 'Wisconsin' and 'Illinois' and 'Indiana';


      It loaded without errors but did nothing

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          Robert Mika

          use or not and

          Where [US States.Name] = 'Wisconsin' or  [US States.Name] = 'Illinois' or [US States.Name] = 'Indiana';

          or better this way

          where match( [US States.Name] ,'Wisconsin' ,'Illinois' ,'Indiana')

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              Robert Winkel

              Still displays other states

              But when I refresh it tells me lines fetched 0




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                  Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

                  I can see you loading the data locally from KML file.

                  I'd suggest Delete all other states except Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.

                  State               Latitude        Longitude

                  Wisconsin         xxxxxxx     xxxxxxx

                  Illinois               xxxxxx        xxxxxx

                  Indiana               xxxxxx       xxxxxx


                  Your script will look

                  LOAD [State],

                    [Latitude] as LATITUDE,

                    [Longitude] as LONGITUDE,

                       GeoMakePoint(Latitude,Longitude) as GeoKey

                  FROM [lib://AttachedFiles/US States.kml]

                  (kml, Table is [US-States.shp/Features])


                  Do not forget to make a GeoKey for this, so that you can use this as a Layer. Cus you using a bubble map and it is not a polygon map.

                  For Polygon map it is not required I guess.


                  And then you can load full KML file with all states and all Lat & Long but do not  add GeoMakePoint in this script.


                  So you'll have 2 data sets loaded

                  1. Only with States which you want to load inside map

                  2. Full load of data set

                  You'll get a Synthetic key but change the names of Latitude and Longitude in each load. State name will be same and it will be the primary key.

                  Map.pngLoad Script.png

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                    Robert Mika

                    Could you post your app?