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    NPrinting Word Report, Multi-page Chart

    Louis Winter

      Sorry if this has been asked before (I've been searching and I can't find a solution yet).


      I need to generate a word report with a table of contents, that has 2 levels (1 inside the other) for something like state and city.  I have 2 charts (both straight tables) that need to be generated for each state, then loop through each city in that state and generate the same 2 charts.  I've done this before (using the charts as images) except that the charts have always fit on 1 page.  This time, the 2nd chart scrolls (in QlikView) so when the image is generated all I get is the chart with the scrollbars.  If I add the chart as a table, the formatting is not completely like the original (each row is tall with extra vertical space, cell borders are displaying, etc), it's horrible.  I've entertained using PixelPerfect, which should do what I need, but I just feel like I'm re-inventing the wheel and there should be an easier way.


      Is there a way to output long charts/tables in a word template and have them look like the original as well as page nicely?


      Thanks in advance,