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    Date and Time Cast



      I want to know how to make QV to understand my Movex DB2 Date and Time formats.
      In Movex is the Date format is in one column in YYYYMMDD style and the time format in another column in HHMMSS style.

      The thing is that an normal date and time is 20100115 154700 but when the time is 1 sec over midnigt then the time is only displayed as '1' ('YYYYMMDD' as date style byt only 'S' as timestyle instead of 'HHMMSS')

      I have been using normal T-sql but I need to know how it is done in QV.
      To solve this in T-SQL
      timestamp(CONCAT(DATEFIELD, right(digits(TIMEFIELD),6)))

      QV don't seems to handle the "DIGITS" function.

      I have tested with Date / Time / cast functions with no success.

      Thanx in advance for any replies

      // Daniel