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    Qliksense - Not able to create an app on the RIM node due to custom sync rules

      Hi All,


      I had a question on the sync rules. I am pretty new to QlikSense and any help will be highly appreciated.

      I am facing an issue of not being able to create app on the RIM nodes when i disable the default sync rule to all non-central nodes and enable my custom sync rules.


      To give a background in our setup we have a total of 3 servers/nodes. 1st is the Central node and the other 2 are the slave nodes but with all the services installed. We have selected option of "Both"(Production and Development) when adding the 2 nodes to the central node.This is because we would like to give one node to one dept say Finance and then let them do development and hosting on their node. We have also created 2 streams (Finance and HR) so we have one node and one stream for Finance and one node and one stream for HR.


      The restriction of the Apps to a stream we have done using Sync rules. We have created a custom sync rule stating that if the node is Finance node and the Stream selected is Finance then only sync finance apps to Finance node.

      Similarly we have created another sync rule stating that if the node name is HR node and Stream selected is HR then sync only HR apps to the HR node.

      We have also disabled the default sync rule of sync all apps to the non-central nodes.

      This has however caused an issue where we are not able to create an app on the Finance and HR node anymore. If i disable my custom rules and enable the default rule then i am able to create apps on both Finance and HR nodes.


      Anybody had faced this issue before?


      Thanks a lot for your replies!