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    NPrinting access error message on 1 of 3 jobs run this morning

    Steve Lord

      Hi I have a few nprinting jobs that run daily every morning.


      Edit: NPrinting 16, Qlikview 11.2 SR12 are the versions of the applications we're using presently.

      All three ran okay yesterday morning and for many days prior.

      They pull from three different dashboards at three different times (7am, 730am, 8am and no overlap).

      This morning, the one that runs at 7am failed due to an access error.

      The other two ran successfully.

      I made no changes to and did not access any of the three qlikview documents or nprinting jobs between yesterday and today.

      All three qlikview documents are in the same C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Documents folder of the server that nprinting is running on.

      All three nprinting nsqs are in the same C:\ProgramData\NPrinting\Nprinting Files\ folder of that server environment.


      Any idea of the cause?


      Last week I thought this might be nprinting's named license expiring and needing to be pulled back down.  I setup a job that runs at 11pm to open a small dashboard from localhost\dashboard.qvw so nprinting is opening something in server every day to keep its license active and counteract that.  Now I'm not sure that was actually the issue, since job 1 failed, and jobs 2 and 3 succeeded, all before anyone signed on this morning.


      Edit> I also had a weird 'first' issue last week.  A single job cycling through 30 clients put the desired numbers for the first few metrics of the first client, then nprinting object tags for the remaining metrics of the first client, then desired numbers for all of the metrics on all of the remaining clients that it cycled through.  Wondering if I need to setup icebreaker jobs to run ahead of the real jobs and clear gremlins like this and the one above.   (I actually have the server rebooting itself at 240am ahead of the 3am dashboard refreshes so it can clear its cache, close user connections, restart any inadvertently stopped services, and have a clean refresh process every morning.  Haven't had to troubleshoot qlikview in several weeks now.   7-8am nprinting jobs should be running in a clean environment too.)

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          Steve Lord

          Marking presumed answered and checking with our network administrator now.


          I ran the job manually just now.  It successfully opened the document and failed at the point where it was trying to save the report to a network drive folder.  So either someone removed nprinting's write access to that folder, or they moved the folder by mistake and nprinting lacks write access to the parent folder.