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    Issue with ExportApp QRS API

      I am trying to export an app by issuing a GET request to QRS API "ExportApp" through Postman app in Chrome.

      The first request to ExportApp (call 1 of 1) with app id successfully returns the export ticket id.

      The second request to ExportApp (call 2 of 2) with app id and export ticket id returns with a Status code 200 which I believe is a successful GET request. However, I am unable to locate where does the exported app gets saved on the file system? Where can i access the exported app from?


      Here are the details of the GET request:


      URL posted in Postman: https://<servername>/qrs/download/app/c55d9b6c-5eb4-441b-a8ec-b1fdc552dc49/1e624b6f-0eed-46c1-8a3d-ccb742edf992/MyFirstExpor…

      Parameters: Xrfkey : somerandomstring

      Header: X-Qlik-Xrfkey: somerandomstring

      I have attached a screenshot from Postman for your reference.